“Before working with Madhu I had my back up against the wall financially. I was at a make-or-break moment in my career.

Since joining Ascend, Madhu told me the exact next steps I needed to take. I made over $20k in my first month of launching my offer. This is the most successful I have been at anything in my life and I finally get to do what I absolutely love.

My biggest win in this program has been seeing the transformations in myself and in my clients, an effect of putting some real skin in the game.”

“When I connected with Madhu, my life felt frustrating, boring, and stuck. Even though it looked successful on the outside, I was underpaid, stressed, and didn’t feel aligned with my true values. But let me tell you, working with Madhu has been a total game-changer! 

His guidance not only transformed my life but also empowered me to help others in a big way. I now have strong spiritual practices that keep me grounded and push me to grow even when it’s uncomfortable. And you know what? I no longer fear living life on my own terms because I trust that the universe has got my back.

Madhu’s coaching helped me structure my first high-ticket coaching course as a yoga and meditation teacher, and guess what? My first two programs were sold out!! It’s been mind-blowing!

And get this—within just one quarter of working with Madhu, I made over $62,000! Can you believe it? That’s almost my entire yearly corporate salary! I’m living proof that his approach works.

I can’t even begin to describe how much better life is now. No more hustling for group class gigs or draining corporate meetings. Working with Madhu has been the best decision of my life, and I’m forever grateful for the positive changes it brought.

 If you want to level up your life and career, I wholeheartedly recommend connecting with Madhu. His genuine and effective guidance will blow your mind and lead you to incredible success you never thought possible!”


“My experience working with Madhu over the past month has been absolutely fantastic. I’m thrilled with everything I’m learning and feel different every day. The content has profoundly changed my perspective, simplifying complex aspects in a way that I now instinctively know what to do.

Remarkably, within the first week or two of employing strategies around conscious sales and genuinely connecting with people as I desired, I closed a $15,000 sale. I’m confident more success will follow as I continue with Madhu’s clear and beautifully laid out modules. It feels like success is inevitable by just doing the work. 

I can’t recommend Madhu enough. It’s not just my business that’s benefiting; my entire life is undergoing positive changes. Thank you, Madhu, and to anyone considering working with him, I believe you’ll be deeply satisfied with the decision.”

“From the moment I started working with Madhu, I could tell that he truly cared about my success and was invested in helping me achieve my business goals.

He has a wealth of knowledge which he has generously shared with me, providing valuable insights and guidance every step of the way.

What truly sets Madhu apart is his ability to connect with me on a personal level and provide support during times of uncertainty.

Thanks to Madhu, I have seen significant growth and success in my business, and I am grateful for the impact he has had on my professional and personal development.”

When I first reached out to Madhu, I was feeling really swamped with my business, trying to help people, earn more, and do all I wanted to do. I was also stuck on how to mix my spiritual approach with making good money and reaching the right clients.

But after working with Madhu for about a month and a half, things changed big time. I landed an amazing client who paid double what anyone else has, all upfront, and the whole process felt right and was super smooth. So, if you’re into creating, coaching, or running your business with a spiritual vibe and you want to grow, Madhu is your guy.”

“Working with Madhu was an amazing experience. He provided me with clear processes, strategies, and the clarity needed to understand exactly what to do, when, and how to grow my business.  

What stands out about Madhu, though, is his integrity, honesty, and genuine desire to help others succeed, not just to make a profit. He definitely can help you make a lot of money, too.  


I highly recommend him. If you’re looking for someone who really knows their stuff, has been successful, and truly wants you to succeed, Madhu is the person to work with.” 


Working with Madhu has been an amazing journey of transformation and growth! He brings such genuine and uplifting energy to his work, and it’s contagious. As a teacher, Madhu is so inspiring and supportive. He holds me accountable, making learning and even making mistakes fun. And whenever doubt creeps in, he reminds me of the beauty and greatness that exists within me. With Madhu’s guidance, I’ve stepped into my power, and it feels awesome!

Career-wise, the progress has been super! I’ve achieved financial growth, making over 22k in one month and a whopping 112k in 2021. And guess what? I’ve consistently earned $18k a month from June 2022 onwards! Plus, I’m living in my dream house in beautiful Burlington, VT, a place I’ve always wanted to call home. I’ve also had the honor of hosting two international yoga retreats and teaching at three yoga festivals. It’s a dream come true!

But it’s not just my career that has blossomed with Madhu’s guidance. My spiritual journey has been enriched in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I’ve accepted a spiritual master and started chanting 16 rounds daily. Creating a thriving Bhakti sangha and influencing hundreds of people has been totally fulfilling. My spiritual practice is solid, and now I can lead kirtans anywhere, anytime, with anyone. I even host weekly kirtans at Bhakti House, my home sweet home!

In the realm of relationships and personal growth, Madhu’s guidance has been like a guiding light. I’ve qualified myself to be a match for the type of man I want to partner with, and guess what? I’ve entered a relationship with my future husband! Along the way, I’ve created deep connections with amazing devotees, teachers, and friends, and I’ve stopped tolerating disrespect from men. It’s been liberating and empowering!

Taking care of my health has also become a priority. I’ve embraced celibacy willingly and without resistance, and I’ve set boundaries with my family to protect my well-being. My eating habits are now regulated, and I know how to cook to pacify my dosha. And guess what? I prioritize my sadhana over obsessing about my workout routine. It’s all about balance and self-care.

Mentally and emotionally, I feel more grounded, stable, and clear. My digestive system is thriving, and overall, I feel like a better version of myself. I can’t thank Madhu enough for being such an amazing mentor and guide on this journey. His love, encouragement, and support have made all the difference. Working with Madhu has been an absolute blessing, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking transformation and a pathway to achieve their dreams. His love, expertise, and dedication will lead you to achieve amazing results beyond your imagination! He truly is a beacon of light and inspiration!

Working with Madhu has been truly life-changing! I cannot express enough how grateful I am for his guidance. Each week, he has been by my side, helping me make steady progress towards living the life I’ve always dreamed of. He has this incredible ability to understand my unique needs and goals, and sees the hidden talents within me. Just being in Madhu’s presence, radiating love and service, has been a priceless gift. The decision to work with Madhu and wholeheartedly commit to this path has been the best decision of my life! With his constant support, I have gained clarity on my goals and discovered simple ways to achieve them. As I put his teachings into practice and embrace the best version of myself.

I have witnessed huge transformations in my life. I achieved amazing progress by moving into my dream house in LA, earning $20,000 from my first-ever training month, and getting more audition opportunities. I even acquired a new car and mastered sales skills to help over 25 people who signed up for my training. Now, I can confidently talk to many people and have successfully founded my own business and app. On top of that, Madhu has been a guiding light on my spiritual journey. Through his support, I developed a discipline in my spiritual practice, and this enabled me to experience massive growth in my spiritual journey. I’m so grateful for all the amazing changes he has brought into my life!

Having Madhu as my mentor has been an absolute blessing! I can’t put into words how much his guidance has impacted my life. I’m forever grateful for the incredible changes he has inspired in me. If you’re looking for a transformative experience and a pathway to achieve your dreams, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Madhu. His loving guidance and expertise will lead you to incredible results beyond your wildest dreams!

Working with Madhu has been a total game-changer! I can’t even put into words how grateful I am for this amazing experience. Making the decision to work with him was hands down the best choice I’ve ever made in my life.

He’s not just a coach, he’s a life changer! Madhu taught me how to truly take care of myself and live the life I’ve always wanted. No more settling for what’s easy. He showed me how to listen to my body and make adjustments as needed. And let me tell you, the tools he shared are powerful. They’ve helped me upgrade my whole life, making better choices in every area.

It’s not just about food, it’s about checking in on my mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Madhu’s support and guidance have been a lifeline. He’s an amazing teacher, a fantastic listener, and he’s there for you every step of the way. Having him on my side feels like having the best cheerleader in the world!

I can honestly say I’m forever grateful for everything Madhu has done for me. Thanks to him, I feel like I can tackle anything that comes my way. I’m living my best life, and I owe it all to him. If you’re looking to make positive changes and live a happier, healthier life, I can’t recommend Madhu enough. He’s absolutely the best!

Meeting Madhu was a life-changing moment for me. He has been a constant source of encouragement, guidance, wisdom, and inspiration. Madhu’s love and personal touch shine through in everything he does. He genuinely cares about his students and clients, going above and beyond to offer support tailored to their unique needs.

Madhu is incredibly sweet, but he also challenges you to overcome limiting beliefs and self-imposed obstacles. I used to struggle with insecurity, conflict avoidance, and lethargy, but with his strategies, tools, and accountability, I’ve made significant improvements. Thanks to his coaching and introspection, I’ve grown in confidence, assertiveness, and decisiveness.

Training under Madhu has positively impacted every aspect of my life – my health, spirituality, relationships, and career. He’s been a consistent source of support, motivation, and valuable insights. I am overwhelmingly grateful and indebted to Madhu for his loving presence in my life. Words cannot fully express how fortunate I am to have him as my mentor. He’s truly a blessing!

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About Our Retreats

Embarking on this journey was like stepping into a dream, where I had the privilege to explore the most beautiful corners of the world, surrounded by truly amazing individuals.

Our interactions were truly remarkable, and I found myself fully immersed in profound conversations and experiences that enriched my life in so many ways. The knowledge I gained during this adventure has made a lasting impact on my personal growth and understanding.

The people I met and the places we visited were exceptionally extraordinary. Each destination had its own unique beauty. The food we enjoyed was delicious, and the locals were incredibly welcoming.

One of the most enchanting parts was the presence of pure, clear water that felt like a serene bathtub. Nature gave us moments of tranquility and rejuvenation.

This journey left a lasting mark on my soul, and I want to thank the team for creating such an extraordinary experience. I wholeheartedly recommend this transformative journey to anyone seeking cherished memories, personal growth, and the profound beauty of our world and its people. It truly was a life-changing and soul-nourishing adventure, and I’m filled with gratitude for every moment of it.

Jackson Pace

My immersion in Laguna with Madhu was such medicine. You know when you don’t realize how much you need something, until you’re receiving it? This was just that. A deep slowing down, being held, nourished (both physically, emotionally, and spiritually), and then a deepening…I found such an immense amount of clarity as to what’s next for my spiritual commitment, my business, and my self-care.

Madhu, Rasa, and their team are an absolute DREAM TEAM – they are each so kind, loving, devoted, and share their individual gifts to make this 1-on-1 Immersion unlike any other. My experience was tailored to exactly what I needed, without me fully knowing what I needed; Madhu has this gift of vision and he and his team executed in the most intentional, loving, authentically divine way. Endlessly grateful for your teaching, guidance, support, and sangha.

Kelly Skinner

I left SMI feeling completely supported and charged up to live my purpose. Madhu’s information and insight had me believing in myself so strongly, armed with practical tools, that I immediately started crushing major goals within weeks.

Arielle Castillo

The SMI weekend was intense, rewarding, and I left with a clear understanding of what my obstacles are, how to overcome them, and the game plan going forward to achieve my goals.

Nate Davies

I can’t say enough about this course (Transcendent Mastery). One of my biggest impediments to making money was thinking that money and spirituality were at odds with each other, but Madhu does a great job explaining how money is just an energy of the Divine and a resource for service. From that basis, we learned tools that were practical, applicable, and doable for reaching our personal and financial goals, with accountability the whole way. It was transformational!

Paramananda, Yoga Teacher

Thank you, Madhu, for your awesome guidance, wisdom, and graceful teaching in every course and post. Your intuition, encouragement, and positive energy have been a constant source of inspiration to follow our dreams and dharma. The Transcendent Mastery coaching program has been truly transformative for me.

Because of your coaching, I’ve decided to embark on a new project. I now create beautiful Bhakti yoga retreats with the best yoga teachers in Bali. Your support has given me the confidence and resources to pursue this dream.

I can’t recommend working with Madhu enough. His energy and motivation are contagious, and he has provided me with great ideas and tools to grow my business and create more abundance and confidence. Thank you, Madhu, for your service and for making a great impact on my life and journey.

Laura Marco, Radhe Radhe Retreats Director

I truly appreciate how Madhu emphasizes the simplicity of making money and the mindset around it. If we all had this kind of training from the start, we would navigate things more smoothly and focus on the work we are meant to do. Learning from Madhu has been really encouraging and enlightening.

Annett Bone, Podcaster, The DancePreneuring Studio

The Transcendent Mastery Training is full of golden nuggets. I have deepened my knowledge of Ayurveda, Bhakti Yoga, and business acumen. I feel a great sense of personal empowerment and now have more wind behind my sail. Grateful for this opportunity and excited to share my knowledge with others.

Jamuna Jivana das, Bhakta Wellness Owner

Madhu is truly a generous spirit. He has a personal mission to bring out the greatness in all his clients. His care and dedication have made this experience so meaningful, and I am super grateful for it.

Megan Fox, Project Management Program Training Manager

Working with Madhu has been totally transformational. As a yoga and Ayurveda professional, in the industry since 2009, I’d always struggled with standing in my own abilities and sharing my own offerings.

I’d spent the majority of my career working for other people and large corporate companies because I never fully trusted that I could create offers that would sell and continue to sell for me.

Over the last few months, I received the tools and the coaching to empower myself with confidence, find and attract clients who align with my values, and recognize that what I have to offer is needed and valued in this world.

Apart from help with my business, we also worked on ways to create schedules that work for me, elevate my spiritual life, and reconnect to why I love doing what I do.

Lisa Bermudez, Ayurveda & Yoga Teacher

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About Ayurveda Intensive

Learning about Ayurveda has been life changing. I’ve never felt more confident with practice. For anyone who wants to feel their best selves I highly recommend it. Huge thank you to Madhuri Puri and Dāna Kriya🙏

Luke McColgan

In the Ayurveda Intensive I got some basic tools to make small changes towards my health that I could manage, and psychologically and physically I already feel much better.

Arielle Castillo

The Ayurveda Intensive was awesome–this answered so many questions! I think it was a great starting point on my journey. I loved Madhu’s lectures and I gained a tremendous amount of clarity. I would & will recommend this to my friends!

Grace Young

Madhu is a kind of person who shifts your consciousness, lifts you up by only a few moments of association, what to even speak of learning from him and with him for an extended period of time… there’s just no ‘impossible’ in his world. And he makes you realize the same for your own life. Not to mention his love for every living thing… The meaning of his name – ‘sweet’ – is right to the point, I’d say.

Rati is a master of the masters in Ayurveda and the embodiment of healthy lifestyle also. And a bomb of confidence as well! Such inspiring and uplifting personalities with such expertise combined with simplicity as Madhu and Rati are rare to find.

Mohini Shakti, Spiritual Coach

Before working with Madhu, I felt stuck in a mundane routine, lost and unsure of my purpose, often feeling alone and overwhelmed with life’s challenges. Madhu helped me discover a purposeful way of living that not only benefits others but also prioritizes my own well-being. He has guided and coached me, helping me find the answers within myself.

 Madhu meets me where I am at and has had a great impact on changing my life for the better. His flexibility and kindness have made the whole process even more valuable. However, after starting to work with Madhu, things began to change for the better.

Now, I feel more confident as an actor, and I even had the amazing chance to move to my dream house. Through Madhu’s guidance, I’ve realized the importance of having a strong relationship with myself, which has led to improvement in my diet and lifestyle, making me feel better than ever before.

Madhu has helped me gain clarity on what I truly want in life and has provided me with clear direction to achieve my goals. I have gained a crystal-clear vision of my purpose and life goals. This clarity has got me started on life-changing projects within my career. Thanks to Madhu’s accountability and support, this year has been the best one of my life. I’ve achieved the goals I set for myself and have experienced personal growth I never thought possible.

Investing in myself by working with Madhu has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve learned how important it is to invest in myself, and the results have been truly wonderful. I am deeply grateful to have found him and am excited about the changes that lie ahead for me.

Jackson Pace, Actor

My meetings with Madhu are truly amazing and incredibly thorough. He provides insights that bring clarity and direction to my holistic healing services. Thanks to his guidance, I now know how to better serve others while aligning my strengths harmoniously. This empowers me to show up fully and serve for the highest good of all.

Madhu has a wonderful game plan for people to follow and implement. I highly recommend taking his coaching seriously. It has made a significant difference in my life, and I believe it can do the same for anyone seeking to make positive changes and serve others in a meaningful way.

Christopher Ortega, Energy Healer

Before I started working with Madhu, my sleep was terrible, I didn’t know where to start or the importance of healthy habits. But now, thanks to Madhu’s guidance, I’ve learned how to improve my diet and sleep. I have also started chanting more often, which brings me a sense of peace. It has made my daily habits easier to handle, and I’ve overcome fears and obstacles that used to hold me back. 

Now, I can even help others using these tools. I have changed my mindset and discovered things about myself that have transformed my life. I feel super confident and totally sure about my decisions, and I’m tapping into my true potential. I believe everyone could benefit from Madhu’s training. They are always there to help and answer questions, which makes the whole experience even better.

Working with Madhu has been life-changing, and I’m incredibly grateful for it. I highly recommend their coaching to anyone looking to make positive changes and lead a happier, healthier life.

Margaret Danesi, Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Guide

Madhu is a man of integrity, and when he promised that this course would be life-changing, I chose to trust him. Since then, he has delivered on that promise with the highest quality. I am eternally grateful for his services.

Ole Ommundsen

Madhu has been a true game-changer for me. I was curious about Breath Work and holistic health, so I turned to Madhu for guidance. With just a few sessions, I’ve improved my practice and feel more peaceful than ever before. Thanks to Madhu’s expertise and support, my quality of life has improved tremendously, and now I’m even helping others in the same way.

Madhu is the real deal – an expert in many things, especially as a teacher. He has this amazing ability to make complex things easy to understand and apply. His passion for helping others is contagious, and it benefits everyone. I’m incredibly grateful for Madhu and owe so much of my current success to him. Working with him has been a truly wonderful experience!

Ryan Bermuda, Business Owner

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About VIP Day

The VIP Day was intense and rewarding. I left with a clear understanding of what my obstacles are, how to overcome them, and the game plan going forward to achieve my goals.

Nate Davies, Stress & Health Coach

I left the VIP immersion feeling completely supported and charged up to live my purpose. Madhu’s information and insight had me believing in myself so strongly, armed with practical tools, that I immediately started crushing major goals within weeks.

Arille Castillo, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

This was a 1-on-1 Immersion unlike any other. I found such an immense amount of clarity as to what’s next for my spiritual commitment, my business, and my self-care. My experience was tailored to exactly what I needed, without me fully knowing what I needed. Madhu has this gift of vision and I’m so grateful for his teaching, guidance, and support.

Kelly Skinner, Bhakti Yoga Teacher, Meditation & Energy Practitioner, End of Life Doula

I must say that working with Madhu has been and is spectacular. He is very knowledgeable about singing and music. He is helping me learn my way around the keyboard on the harmonium and he is also teaching me how to use my voice as an instrument. I had a lot of shame around my singing voice, but Madhu’s kind nature has put me at ease. One of the many reasons I wanted to work with Madhu, is that I knew he would teach me how to play the harmonium no matter what the song was. He is teaching me the basics so that I can play any song and separately he is teaching me breath work and how to use my voice. I look forward to our time together every week!! If you are looking for someone to teach you how to play any song you choose, or sing any song you may like, then Madhu is the teacher for you.

Stacey Cabrera

Madhu is a masterful teacher who is consistently elevating the lives of those who he comes into contact with. He has achieved great success and is sharing how he came to that success with all who work with him.

Christopher Villanella

Madhu is truly special! He took the time to understand my needs and conditions before helping me set my spiritual, health and wellbeing goals. Our journey together was nothing short of transformative, unfolding step-by-step over four months.

During our weekly online classes, Madhu provided exercises and reading materials that were unique to my progress. The knowledge and methods I gained from him have been priceless, and I now have a whole new set of daily routines that nourish and replenish my body, mind, and soul.

Madhu’s energy, knowledge, enthusiasm, and musical talent are truly inspiring. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the learning, guidance, and support he gave me throughout this journey. I’m truly grateful for all the valuable learning, guidance and support that Madhu provided.

Abby Tsai, Yoga Teacher

Madhu is an awesome person, full of sweetness and inspiration! He goes all out to help me achieve my goals and has been there for me every step of the way. No matter if it’s about my personal life, spirituality, health, or business, he’s always there to lend a hand.

He’s so good at getting to the core of any limiting beliefs I had and providing strategies to move forward. Thanks to him, my lifestyle, health, and spiritual practices have improved tremendously. I’ve grown closer to Krishna and now live a healthy, sober, and faith-based life.

I can proudly say I’ve been sober for over 8 months, and I’ve fully embraced the Ayurvedic lifestyle. Plus, I handle stress much better now, all thanks to Madhu’s support and guidance. He’s made a huge difference in my life, and I’m forever grateful for his help. If you want someone who genuinely cares about your growth and success, Madhu is the perfect mentor for you!

Nate Davies, Stress & Health Coach

Madhu is an amazing teacher! He tailors each session based on my goals and progress. His charisma and constant encouragement motivates me to work hard. With stories from his experience, he uniquely inspires us in a way that everyone can understand. The beautiful sessions with him help you overcome obstacles that limit your success.

Madhu’s teaching style is truly unique and inspiring, and I believe everyone can benefit from his wisdom. I can’t express enough how much I value his guidance and the impact it’s had on my life. If you’re looking for a teacher who can guide you towards growth and success, Madhu is the one you need!

Meera Joshi, Integrated B2B Marketing Professional & UX Designer

Madhu is simply amazing! He’s a natural teacher with a unique ability to help me find answers within myself. He pushed me to stop using “I don’t know” as an excuse and showed me how to achieve success in my goals.

Right from our first call, he turned my goals into achievable targets, and I’ve been making progress ever since. Unlike quick-fix programs, this journey welcomes challenges and roadblocks, and we’ve created tools to overcome them.

It’s been so much more than just self-improvement; this experience has transformed how I talk, think, and feel about myself. My main goal was to love and value myself like I do others, and Madhu has been my guiding light, opening my eyes to new possibilities in life.

Investing in ourselves can be scary, especially when it feels financially daunting. Deciding to work with a coach or seek help means acknowledging our need for support, knowing well that we can’t do it all alone. It may even require us to face our faults, which isn’t always easy.

But with Madhu, you can trust that you’re in good hands. He will guide you on your journey as a wise friend and mentor. Working with him has been a life-changing experience, and I’m grateful for his support every step of the way. If you’re hesitant about seeking help, rest assured that Madhu will make the process smooth and empowering. He’s the coach you can count on to transform your life for the better!

Marlena Benjamin, Yoga Teacher

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Madhu is one of the most uplifting personalities I know. Always friendly and encouraging, he shares his profound knowledge of music theory, kirtan experience and how to play the harmonium  with ease…. He knows intuitively what is needed to help the student develop their skills. Thank you so much Madhu!

Saskia Rettig

I recently completed an eight week kirtan training program with Madhu.  The experience exceeded my expectations on all levels. As a teacher, Madhu generously and effectively shares his knowledge with the learner. He is enthusiastic, supportive and inspiring. Madhu presents a rich, yet easy to absorb, curriculum combining classical music theory with the sacred spiritual practice of kirtan. He is a gifted teacher, skilled musician and well wisher to all desiring to establish or refine their ability to practice bhakti and kirtan.

Karen Harbeck

This kirtan training is not just about learning to play instruments, improving your vocals etc., rather the focus is on understanding your potential, connecting your mind and soul and harnessing this energy and love in kirtan. Madhu’s energetic, kind, gentle, funny and always smiling – I don’t think you can ask much from a teacher!

Meera J

I completed an eight week kirtan training program with Madhu. The experience exceeded my expectations on all levels. As a teacher, Madhu generously and effectively shares his knowledge. He is enthusiastic, supportive, and inspiring. Madhu presents a rich, yet easy to absorb, curriculum combining classic music theory with the sacred spiritual practice of kirtan. He is a gifted teacher, skilled musician, and well wisher to all desiring to establish or refine their ability to practice bhakti and kirtan.

Kamala Mukhi Harbeck

Madhu is an amazing and gifted teacher. He skillfully interweaves humor, playfulness and loving kindness together with valuable and well-crafted instruction. As a beginner in his kirtan training, I learned more than I could have imagined possible about facilitating kirtan, singing, and playing the harmonium. He is a superb guide leading you both technically as well as assisting you to tap into the heart of your devotion. I would not hesitate to take the advanced kirtan training from Madhu, in fact I am counting on it in the near future!

Eileen Berbeo

I have always wanted to develop skills to perform kirtan, however I was unable to find a suitable teacher where I live. I connected with Madhu through Instagram and since we started our sessions my kirtan experience has truly been transformed.

Madhu is a wonderful teacher! He tailors each lesson based on my goals. His charisma and constant encouragement motivates me to work hard. With stories from his experience, his theoretical knowledge and ability to make us laugh, Madhu is a unique and inspiring teacher that everyone can benefit from.

The sessions help you on a path of self discovery, helping you to explore and unlock obstacles that could be limiting your potential.

Meera Joshi

Madhu has truly transformed my life. His spiritual guidance is direct and comes from the ancient wisdom of yoga literature. He helps us understand how to be a bhakti yogi in today’s world. I can’t express enough how much I’ve gained from his loving support and insight. He’s been a beacon of light on my spiritual journey, and I’m forever grateful for his wisdom and guidance.

Scott Demming, Public School Teacher & Bhakti Yoga Educator

A grander vision of my life was made available to me with the love, support and accountability to believe I can reach for it and take real steps to achieve it. There is no going back, everything has changed.

Suzanna Veeder

Working with Madhu has been a life-changing experience. He has a unique ability to take big concepts and make them understandable and applicable to everyday life. Learning kirtan and doing self-work with him has led to significant personal growth for me.

What sets Madhu apart is his unwavering support and genuine care. Even when I wasn’t always responsive, he stayed in touch and continued to reach out, which is truly invaluable. His infectious joy for bhakti shines through even in online interactions.

I am immensely grateful for Madhu’s presence in my life. He has made a positive impact on my spiritual journey, and I appreciate his guidance and enthusiasm for bhakti. Thank you, Madhu!

Zenaida Kim

Within the first two months of working with Madhu I lost over 20 pounds, was sleeping through the night, and my anxiety was lower than it has ever been in my adult life. He systematically helped me make lasting changes in my eating habits, stress management, and career. The time and resources I committed to this program were among the best investments I’ve made in my life!

Travis Hubbard

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About Wealth for spiritualists

Before kirtan training with Madhu, I was full of fear and lacked confidence. Madhu opened the sound of my soul and provided the tools for me to use my voice for service. His loving, direct, and humorous approach is infectious. Madhu helped me to become a fearless kirtan leader with grace. I am stoked and hope to attend more of his trainings very soon. Thanks Madhu!

Casey Jones, Founder Baja Bhakti Yoga

Cannot recommend working with Madhu enough! This training gave me great ideas as well as resources to use in my business to create more confidence and wealth. I love Madhu’s energy and how motivating he is!

Laura Marco, Radhe Radhe Retreats Director

I really appreciate that Madhu emphasizes the simplicity around the ideas of making money and the mindsets around money. I think if we all got trained from the get go on this type of stuff, we would get through things more smoothly and get to doing the work we are created to do. It’s been so encouraging and enlightening to learn from Madhu.

Annett Bone, Dance Artist & Creative Strategist

I loved this course because it gave me lots of valuable topics & questions to think about to work on for success and to become more clear about my vision. It helped me to work through the cobwebs of what was holding me back and left me feeling excited, empowered, and motivated about my plan ahead. Thank you!

(I’m continuing to look over everything again and again with all the things we are learning and it continues to bring clarity, confidence and motivation. The work we are doing continues to peel those layers back. Thank you,  so very grateful for this program.)

Lianne Christine Carp, Yoga Wellness Coach

Madhu is an amazing teacher and guide for learning all things bhakti, and especially kirtan music. He makes it fun, simple, and approachable!

Dharma Shakti, Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practicioner & High Performance Coach

When I stepped into my power (through the help of this course) and claimed it, things started flowing in my life. I’m really grateful for Madhu’s guidance and the clarity I received from working through this training. Most importantly, I feel tuned into not only being able to support myself, but feel like I have a purpose in doing so.

Emily Lee

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