When I first connected with Madhu, I was frustrated, bored, and resentful of my position in life having, what probably looked to many on the outside, a “successful” dream life. In reality, I was underpaid for my efforts, feeling out of alignment with my values, constantly stressed, and resentful of everyone around me who WASN’T stressed.

I’m not exaggerating when I say our work together has changed the trajectory of not only my life, but those of the people I am now empowered to help. I have developed strong spiritual practices that help keep me grounded and help me stretch myself in uncomfortable ways. I’m no longer scared of the idea of living life according to MY values, because I know God has my back.

And since people love specifics and numbers, and I would hardly believe this myself if I hadn’t experienced it… Madhu helped me structure my first high-ticket coaching course as a yoga and meditation teacher, and his techniques for conscious selling with integrity helped me sell out my first two programs entirely…

As of writing this, I contracted more than $62,000 in my first quarter of business, almost my entire yearly corporate salary. I put myself out of a job!

Sure beats the group class studio hustle, or sitting in on corporate Zoom meetings that were slowly destroying my soul.
Madhu is a breath of fresh air, an inspiring teacher, and loving being. He brings such genuine and uplifting energy to his work and life – and it shines through in his courses. As a teacher, Madhu has the ability to hold me accountable, make learning and messing up FUN, and to remind me of the beauty and greatness that exists within me (in the moments of doubt when I forget my true nature). I highly recommend working with Madhu, as he will open your eyes to a world of divine love & arrangement, all while encouraging you to step into your power, and he does so with such tenderness and grace.

Madhu helps you find clarity on your needs and ambitions and holds that true potential of who you are. He guides you by providing easy, sustainable ways to achieve your goals as you practice embodying that version of yourself.

Working with such a qualified individual who exudes loving service is well worth the return of my investment. Associating with the best, is the best decision and commitment I could’ve ever made for myself! Can’t thank Madhu enough.

Working with Madhu was the best life choice I ever made. I learned how to take care of myself, and really live the life I want, not just the one I can.

He taught me how to listen and evaluate my own body so that I can make adjustments as needed. I learned the tools necessary to upgrade my system and make better choices.

The day I met Madhu was a serious turning point in my life…

Even since, his presence has served as a constant source of encouragement, guidance, wisdom, and inspiration. Madhu is incredibly loving and personal. It’s abundantly clear to me how much he truly cares about the wellbeing of his students and clients. He really goes out of his way to offer support based on your unique, individual needs and situation. Madhu is sweetness personified, yet at the same time he will push you past any limiting beliefs and self-imposed obstacles you have.

I struggled most of my life with insecure, conflict avoidant, and lethargic tendencies. Madhu has given me the strategies, tools, and accountability to make substantial improvements in overcoming these default patterns that hold me back. Through his coaching and helping me introspect to understand my conditioning, I’ve been able to step more into confidence, assertiveness, and decisiveness.

Through learning from and training under Madhu, my quality of life has improved in every single regard — my health, my spiritual practice, my relationships, my career trajectory, everything!

He has been unwaveringly consistent as a strong supporter, motivator, and source of insight for me. To say that I feel overwhelmingly grateful for and indebted to Madhu is an understatement. I cannot even conceive of the words to fully express how fortunate I am to have his loving presence in my life.

Madhu is an incredible teacher! He tailors each session based on my goals and progress.

His charisma and constant encouragement motivates me to work hard. With stories from his experience, his theoretical knowledge and ability to make us laugh, Madhu is a unique and inspiring teacher that everyone can benefit from.

The sessions help you on a path of self discovery, helping you to explore and unlock obstacles that could be limiting your potential.

Meera Joshi, Integrated B2B Marketing Professional & UX Designer

Madhu took time to learn about my conditions before planning and helping me set Spiritual Health and Wellbeing goals. We held weekly online classes for four months with personalized practices and reading materials each week. It was such a transformative step-by-step journey!

Throughout the four months, I’ve acquired so much knowledge and useful techniques from Madhu that I can implement in my daily life, and established a new set of daily routines that are nourishing and replenishing for my body, mind and soul. Madhu is so full of great energy, knowledge, enthusiasm and musical talent. I’m truly grateful for all the valuable learning, guidance and support that Madhu provided.

Abby Tsai, Yoga Teacher

Madhu is very sweet, inspiring, and does his absolute best to help you achieve any and all of your goals. He was intent on making himself available throughout the entire course of the program to help with anything needed — whether personal, spiritual, health, or business related. He is very astute at getting to the root issues of limiting beliefs and providing strategies for forward progress.

My experiences have been great improvements in lifestyle, health, and spiritual practices, including a closer relationship with Krishna.

Nate Davies, Stress & Health Coach

Madhu has an innate ability to teach, he challenged me to find the answers within myself and to learn that for me saying “I don’t know” is just an excuse to silence myself to myself. On our first call we created a list of goals, in that one hour he helped reframe all of those goals into a positive light that has allowed me to find success and progress with not one but every single goal I set for myself.

Unlike so many programs that offer quick fixes and fast results this is built around the acknowledgment that there will always be challenges and roadblocks along the way, and we have discussed those roadblocks and created tools to have at the ready when they come up. I know that there is work to do, but I feel confident that I have what I need to do it.

My goals were mostly self improvement, but this has been so much more than that. This experience has reshaped the way I talk, think, and feel about myself in a huge way. At the core my biggest goal was to find a way to fall in love with and value myself in a way that compares to how I do for others around me and Madhu has helped me find my way there and see life in new ways and for that there simply are no words of sufficient gratitude or praise to convey how thankful I am and how truly valuable this experience has been.

Marlena Benjamin, Yoga Teacher

Madhuri Pura has had a profound effect on my life. His spiritual guidance is straightforward and based on realized knowledge from the ancient yoga wisdom literatures. Essentially, he makes sense of how to be a bhakti yogi in the modern world. I can’t tell you how much I’ve benefited from his loving guidance and insight!

Scott Demming, Public School Teacher & Bhakti Yoga Educator

Working with Madhu has been life changing. He takes huge concepts and breaks them down to be accessible and applicable to life. I’ve experienced a lot of personal growth from learning kirtan and doing self work with him. I appreciate that he has stayed in touch and continues to reach out even when I wasn’t always responsive – that is invaluable. His infectious joy for bhakti is conveyed even online. I am definitely grateful for his presence in my life.

Zenaida Kim

I can’t say enough about this course (Transcendent Mastery). One of my biggest impediments to making money was thinking that money and spirituality were at odds with each other, but Madhu does a great job explaining how money is just an energy of the Divine and a resource for service. From that basis, we learned tools that were practical, applicable, and doable for reaching our personal and financial goals, with accountability the whole way. It was transformational!

Paramananda, Yoga Teacher

Cannot recommend working with Madhu enough. I love his energy and how motivating he is! Thank you for your guidance, wisdom, and graceful delivery of lessons. There are always gems of insight, encouragement, and positivity to never stop following your dreams and dharma. This training gave me great ideas as well as resources to use in my business to create more confidence and wealth. Thank you for your service Madhu!

Laura Marco, Radhe Radhe Retreats Director

I feel incredibly blessed to have this experience in Transcendent Mastery learning from Madhu. The content has been deeply insightful, challenging, and guiding me in continuing the growth process in all areas of my life.

I really appreciate that Madhu emphasizes the simplicity around the ideas of making money and the mindsets around money. I think if we all got trained from the get go on this type of stuff, we would get through things more smoothly and get to doing the work we are created to do. It’s been so encouraging and enlightening to learn from Madhu.

Annett Bone, Podcaster, The DancePreneuring Studio

Within the first two months of working with Madhu I lost over 20 pounds, was sleeping through the night, and my anxiety was lower than it has ever been in my adult life. He systematically helped me make lasting changes in my eating habits, stress management, and career pathway. The time and resources I committed to this program were among the best investments I’ve made in my life!

Travis Hubbard

The Transcendent Mastery Training is full of golden nuggets. I have deepened my knowledge of Ayurveda, Bhakti Yoga, and business acumen. I feel a great sense of personal empowerment and now have more wind behind my sail. Grateful for this opportunity and excited to share my knowledge with others.

Jamuna Jivana das, Bhakta Wellness Owner

I loved this course because it gave me lots of valuable topics and questions to think about to work towards success and become more clear about my vision. It helped me to work through the cobwebs of what was holding me back and left me feeling excited, empowered, and motivated about my plan ahead! Thank you, I’m so very grateful for this program.

Lianne Christine Carp, Yoga Wellness Coach

Madhu is a man of integrity and when he gave me the promise that this course (Transcendent Mastery) would be life changing, I chose to trust him. Since then, his promise has been upheld with the highest quality. I am eternally grateful for his services.

Bhakta Ole

Madhu is a generous spirit. It is his personal mission to tease the greatness out of all his clients. He cares and I am so grateful for the experience.

Megan Fox, Project Management Program Training Manager

Learning about Ayurveda has been life changing. I’ve never felt more confident with a practice. For anyone who wants to feel their best self, I highly recommend learning from Madhu. Huge thank you!

Luke McColgan

Madhu does a great job of keeping the workshop (Wealth for Spiritualists) focused, yet fun. It’s an easy class to engage and immerse yourself into — all the while acquiring skills to balance your spiritual values with how to make money. Definitely improve confidence!

Grace Young, Apparel & Accessory Technical Designer

When I stepped into my power (through the help of this course) and claimed it, things started flowing in my life. I’m really grateful for Madhu’s guidance and the clarity I received from working through this training. Most importantly, I feel tuned into not only being able to support myself, but feel like I have a purpose in doing so.

Emily Lee

Madhu is one of the most uplifting personalities I know. Always friendly and encouraging, he shares his profound knowledge of music theory, kirtan experience and how to play the harmonium with ease… He knows intuitively what is needed to help the student develop their skills. Thank you so much Madhu!

Saskia Rettig, Yoga Teacher

I’ve known Madhu for a few years and developed a rapport with him easily due to his abundant energy and kindness. I felt a strong desire to advance my kirtan and share my heart with others, so I signed up for his Kirtan Master Training. The one-on-one attention is extremely beneficial for me. Kirtan training with Madhu is much more than that – it’s a training in life! Madhu shares his knowledge in a pure, selfless, and confident manner.

Brandi/Radharani, 500 ERYT

Before kirtan training with Madhu, I was full of fear and lacked confidence. Madhu opened the sound of my soul and provided the tools for me to use my voice for service. His loving, direct, and humorous approach is infectious. Madhu helped me to become a fearless kirtan leader with grace. I am stoked and hope to attend more of his trainings very soon. Thanks Madhu!

Casey Jones, Founder Baja Bhakti Yoga

I completed an eight week kirtan training program with Madhu. The experience exceeded my expectations on all levels. As a teacher, Madhu generously and effectively shares his knowledge. He is enthusiastic, supportive, and inspiring. Madhu presents a rich, yet easy to absorb, curriculum combining classic music theory with the sacred spiritual practice of kirtan. He is a gifted teacher, skilled musician, and well wisher to all desiring to establish or refine their ability to practice bhakti and kirtan.

Kamala Mukhi Harbeck

Madhu is an amazing and gifted teacher. He skillfully interweaves humor, playfulness, and loving kindness together with valuable and well-crafted instruction. As a beginner in his kirtan training, I learned more than I could have imagined possible about facilitating kirtan, singing, and playing the harmonium. He is a superb guide leading you both technically as well as assisting you to tap into the heart of your devotion.

Eileen Berbeo

Madhu is an amazing teacher and guide for learning all things bhakti, and especially kirtan music. He makes it fun, simple, and approachable!

Dharma Shakti, Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practicioner & High Performance Coach

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