I help Bhakti Yogis take conscious control of their life through optimizing their health, spiritual practices, career, and relationships.


Madhuri Pura Dasa adopted a serious interest and desire to immerse himself in the spiritual culture of Bhakti Yoga at an early age.

On his 18th birthday he dropped everything to became a monk. For years, he lived in various monasteries across the US and India, studying Vedic arts and sciences under world renowned teachers. 

In addition to developing and maintaining an intense daily spiritual practice, Madhu’s service entailed traveling the world, teaching and inspiring communities of spiritual aspirants in 5 different continents.

After graduating from his monastic training and education, Madhu built his own business – offering conscious lifestyle and personal empowerment coaching.

He helps clients optimize their physical & mental health through the ancient healing science of Ayurveda, and upgrade their spiritual life & joy through developing sustainable Bhakti practices. He also offers business consultations and guidance, based on his insights and experience building his business and monetizing his passion.

Clarifying what it means to be spiritual in the material world, Madhu is celebrated for his ability to empower his clients to gain actionable insights on how to better harmonize and integrate all aspects of their lives with their ultimate spiritual purpose.





If you have questions or need support specifically around Bhakti and your spiritual life, my team and I are happy to assist FREE of charge. Just drop us an email at

Madhu has helped hundreds of students and clients holistically upgrade their quality and ease of life.

I specialize in guiding clients to connect deeply to their vision for their ideal life, and implement sustainable strategies to move towards it.

By the grace of my gurus and mentors, and all they have taught me, I’m fortunate to be able to positively impact students and help them to thrive in all aspects of life. My clients are empowered leaders who who gain mindset mastery and practical tools to make a huge impact in the world.

I love teaching more than anything. I’m passionate about making ancient, transformative Vedic arts and sciences relevant and accessible for everyone, while still preserving their authenticity and purity. First and foremost though, I remain and avid student. This, I strongly believe, is the qualification of a teacher.

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